EFM32™ Low Energy USB Interface Happy Gecko Starter Kit


Silicon Labs' low energy SLSTK3400A provides an excellent tool to get familiar with the EFM32™ USB-enabled Happy Gecko 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), the industry’s most energy-friendly MCU based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor.

Supported by Simplicity Studio, the starter kit contains sensors and peripherals, touch-buttons, LEDs, Si7021 Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, memoryLCD and simplicity header, demonstrating some of the MCU's many capabilities and can serve as a starting point for application development. The SLSTK3400A includes AEM (Advanced Energy Monitoring) and the Energy Profiler capabilities allowing real-time energy profiling of your application. This kit has two AEM-channels, one for measuring the current consumption in self-powered mode, and one for monitoring the VBUS-current when the chip is USB-powered.

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Happy Gecko Starter Kit Features

  • EFM32HG322F64 with 64 kB Flash and 8 kB RAM
  • Advanced Energy Monitoring system for precise current tracking
  • Real-time energy and power profiling
  • Integrated SEGGER J-Link USB debugger/emulator with debug out functionality
  • Can be used as stand-alone debugger/emulator
  • 128 x 128 Pixel Memory LCD
  • 20 pin expansion header
  • Breakout pads for easy access to I/O pins
  • Power sources include USB 
  • 2 user buttons, 2 user LEDs and 2 touch buttons
  • Silicon Labs Si7021 Relative Humidity/Temperature sensor
  • USB device interface
  • Supported by Simplicity Studio

ARM mbed-enabled Starter Kit

The ARM mbed™ ecosystem simplifies and speeds up the creation and deployment of connected devices based on ARM microcontrollers. To help developers reduce the system-level energy consumption of their applications, Silicon Labs and ARM have collaborated on new power management mbed APIs designed with low-energy application scenarios in mind. The starter kit for the new Happy Gecko MCU family supports ARM mbed right out of the box. Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development tools and community also help designers simplify their mbed-enabled applications and get to market faster.

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