Smart Cities

IoT Wireless Solutions for Smart Cities

As urbanization increases rapidly, cities have a critical role in solving the global mega-challenges that we all face. Silicon Labs enables device makers with smart and secure wireless solutions to build a better, smarter, and more sustainable future.

The Future of Smart Cities

Cities can operate smarter by harnessing digitalization, wireless connectivity and IoT technologies across multiple areas. From producing and distributing energy more efficiently and prioritizing renewable energy sources with smart metering to implementing and managing municipal infrastructures sustainable, including the utility grid, waste management and public safety. Smart street lighting reduces energy consumption and provides a backbone of wireless connectivity for other applications. A ubiquitous, smart electric vehicle (EV) charging network enables inhabitants to move without harmful emissions in the city.  

How Silicon Labs Enables Smart Cities 

A smart city connects dozens of different types of devices and applications over wireless networks to enable an efficient digital infrastructure for the applications and service providers. Silicon Labs helps device makers to enable wireless smart cities securely. With Silicon Labs, you get access to the broadest selection of SoCs and modules, cutting-edge wireless software, the most robust security, and the world's first chipsets with the PSA Level 3 certification. 

Virtual Conference

Your Connection to All Things IoT

Hands-on technical sessions and demos to learn how to develop and wirelessly connect devices and applications like metering and lighting that enable efficient smart cities infrastructure.


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Our upcoming certified Wi-SUN solution combines the industry-leading EFR32 hardware platform, full-features IPv6 mesh stack, and advanced development tools to enable secure wireless connectivity for a broad range of smart city applications.

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