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Smart Metering

Electricity, gas, water, and heating are primary needs in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The rapidly increasing urban population, however, requires highly optimized utility consumption. Silicon Labs enables smart metering solutions with secure wireless technologies, driving energy efficiency, cost savings, and sustainability in smart cities.


Meeting the Design Challenges of Smart Metering

Learn about the fundamentals of smart metering and some of the benefits and challenges that come with it.


What Is Smart Metering?

Smart meters are electronic hardware devices measuring the amount of consumed utility (electricity, gas, water, heating) including the time of day. Smart meters enabled with wireless IoT connectivity allow utilities and providers to collect energy information automatically, and remotely, providing them with accurate consumption data efficiently, without manual work.

Benefits of Smart Meters

Smart metering enables utility providers to reduce energy distribution costs, increase production efficiency, and accelerate cash flow. Their customers receive accurate and timely consumption data and help reduce their energy spending. As a result, the cities can restrain greenhouse gas emissions.

The next generation metering infrastructure generates insights and applications these into real-time operations leading to e.g., faster outage recovery, improved reliability, reduced costs, and demand-response.

Solutions for Smart Meters

Silicon Labs offers microcontrollers (MCU) and wireless connectivity solutions with market-leading energy efficiency and RF sensitivity. You get access to the broadest selection of hardware, cutting-edge wireless software and development tools, and the most robust security, including the world's first SoCs with the PSA Level 3 certification. With Silicon Labs, you can develop the most secure devices for smart metering, and enable up to 10 years of a lifetime for coin cell battery-powered devices. Over the past eight years, we have saved ~ 30 million working hours yearly by enabling wireless smart metering applications.


Metering Solutions to Meet Cities’ Utility Requirements.


Reliability over long distances, extended battery life and accuracy, as well as voltage protection for equipment make our solutions for electricity meters among the best in the business.


Effective smart water metering requires wireless connectivity over large distances, low power requirements, and fully tested and compliant metering software.

Gas Meters

Automated smart gas meters typically rely on battery power, and our wireless MCUs have been designed with complete communications and low-power processing in mind.

Heat Allocation

Improving metering systems for HVAC, particularly heat allocation, is an important element in reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs. Our MCUs are optimized across active, sleep, and wake-up time modes.



Meeting the Design Challenges of Smart Metering

An Introduction to Wireless M-Bus

Sub-GHz Wireless Design for Smart Metering

Multiprotocol Kits and Software for Development

BLE and Sub-GHz Dynamic Multiprotocol Learning Center

How-to enable real-time profiling for your meters

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