Smart Gas Meters

Build Smart Systems for Accurate and Secure Monitoring of Gas Consumption

Solutions for Smart Gas Metering 

Low-power and long-range operation are key components to managing our natural resources. Equipment needs to operate for years without service and do so reliably and accurately.


Sub-GHz Wireless Design for Smart Metering

Smart meters are being deployed around the world, and deciding which wireless protocol to use is critical. In this blog we explore the benefits of sub-GHz proprietary technologies for these applications.


Long Range, Low Power

Transmitting data over long distances with extremely long battery life is critical for smart metering applications. Learn to optimize MCU current consumption with the Simplicity Studio Energy Profiler.

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2.4 GHz and Sub-GHz Wireless Devices

Develop a wide range of IoT systems with high-performance, ultra-low power 8-bit and 32-bit MCUs.

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Digital Isolators

Build higher performance, lower power, and more reliable isolated circuits with our CMOS digital isolators.

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Mesh Networking

Shorten design cycles for smart metering applications with our Bluetooth Mesh, Z-Wave, zigbee and Thread networking SoCs, reference designs, and development tools.

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Wireless M-Bus Development Kits and Software

Improve your gas metering applications with M-Bus solutions that include MCUs, software, and starter kits to get you up and running.

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