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BLE-155: How to Add a Standard Bluetooth Service to Your Project (Part 4 - Code)

This material is 4 of 4 in the Bluetooth 188 - Workshop (SSv5): How to Add a Standard Bluetooth Service to Your Project.

This Bluetooth workshop provides hands-on training and teaches users how to add a standard Bluetooth service to an IoT project. The project uses Simplicity Studio v5 and the Thunderboard BG22. This training shows how a Standard Bluetooth service communicates data in a known format to mobile apps so any device can decode the information.


This video covers the final part of the BG22 workshop focused on adding a Standard Bluetooth Service to a project.  The code generated and added to the project are explained in detail.  This helps the viewer learn what was automatically added by GUI vs. what code they are required to add for the project to properly communicate the Standard Service.  The project added the Environmental Sensing service and the code added connects the sensor drivers to the Bluetooth event handler.

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