MSRP $2020.00

Z-Wave 500 Series Embedded Development Kit

Easily Embed Z-Wave into Your Products

Prototype. Refine. Launch. Silicon Labs' Z-Wave Embedded Development Kit brings you all the hardware and software tools you’ll need to embed Z-Wave technology into your product designs. The development kit includes sample embedded applications for quick prototyping, Z-Wave protocol sniffer tools for analyzing and resolving issues, and Z-Wave RF modules for quickly building prototypes.

The Z-Wave Protocol SDK is available for download on the Z-Wave Technical Site (ZTS). Access is included with the Z-Wave Embedded Development Kit. From the ZTS, developers can access technical documentation, developer’s FAQs, known issues database, and more.

MSRP $2020.00


Hardware in the Base Kit

  • 4 x ZDP03A — Z-Wave development platform
  • 4 x Flexi antenna — Antennas for ZDB5xxx
  • 4 x USB cable — To connect to ZDP03A
  • 1 x Battery pack — To make ZDP03A portable
  • 4 x Power supply unit — For ZDP03A
  • 1 x UZB-S — USB stick network-sniffer
  • 1 x Getting Started with Z-Wave
  • 4 x ZM5101

Also included are region-specific development kits Europe* (E), USA* (U), Japan* (H) each containing:

  • 2 x ZDB5101
  • 2 x ZDB5202
  • 1 x UZB — USB stick static controller
  • 4 x ZM5202

Key Benefits

  • Comes with a license to use Z-Wave technology world-wide
  • One kit covers all Z-Wave regions
  • Access to complete Z-Wave protocol stack and API function
  • All hardware needed to develop embedded Z-Wave applications
  • Versatile development module for easy hardware prototyping
  • Application Framework included for fast application prototyping (Sample Code Libraries)
  • Real-time Z-Wave Zniffer included for frame flow
  • Developer-friendly instructions, user guides, application notes, and more

Target Applications

  • Z-Wave end devices
  • Door locks
  • Lights
  • Sensors
  • Thermostats

Z-Wave Protocol SDK Downloads

  • Embedded sample applications
  • Z-Wave Plus Application Framework
  • Development tools

Step 1: Download Z-Wave Embedded Development Kit Software

Z-Wave tools such as PC Controller, Zniffer and Programmer work great with Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7.

Step 2: Learn About Z-Wave Application Framework

Write robust Z-Wave application code using the Z-Wave Application Framework. Take advantage of well defined modules for better security, parsing, frame composition, I/O handling battery monitoring, and firmware update.

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