Add Bluetooth Connectivity to Sub-GHz IoT Devices with a Single Chip Solution

Reduce wireless subsystem BOM and size by up to 40%

Use a single wireless SoC to transform your connected wireless design into an intelligent, multifunction application that drives automation, accelerates smart device adoption, and delivers next-generation capabilities for the IoT.


Combining Sub-GHz, Bluetooth, and Beacons

Improve device setup with direct smart phone connectivity and deliver greater intelligence through beacons.


Multiprotocol Execution on a Single Chip

Examine how dynamic multiprotocol scheduling enables direct smartphone control and Bluetooth beacons on Sub-GHz wireless IoT devices.

The Silicon Labs Advantage


20+ years providing RF solutions with more than 750 million deployed wireless nodes


The widest range of solution offerings from certified modules to multiprotocol SoCs

Cost Savings

Simplify PCB design and reduce wireless-subsystem size and cost by up to 40%

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