Wi-Fi Xpress AMW007 Wi-Fi® Module

Wi-Fi networking module for low cost IoT edge devices

The Wireless Xpress AMW007 is a low cost Wi-Fi networking module that comes with full regulatory certification and supports the Xpress Command API for fast and simple Internet connectivity in your products.

The AMW007 module is an advanced stand-alone Wi-Fi and networking solution. It is an integrated module designed to avoid difficult RF layout and to enable designers to rapidly embed Wi-Fi and secure networking functionality into any device. Each AMW007 is pre-installed with the Gecko OS IoT operating system, and is designed to enable fast product development. With dimensions of just 12 mm x 11 mm and a wide temperature range, the module is suitable for integration into most embedded applications.

The Wi-Fi device includes an integrated RF transmit power amplifier and provides superior Wi-Fi performance and full compatibility with all 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.

The module is powered by a single 3.3 V power supply and various powersave modes offer ultra-low power operation. Wake from low power sleep mode is possible using IO pins or the internal real-time clock; wake from ultra-low power standby mode is achieved using the dedicated wake pin.

The module has FCC & IC modular approval for use in the United States and Canada, CE approval for use in Europe and related approvals for use in other countries.


Module Features

  • Self-contained ultra-low power Wi-Fi module with secure TCP network stack
  • Integrated SPI-serial flash for software upgrades and user accessible read/write file system
  • Single band 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n 1x1 Wi-Fi transceiver
  • Includes support for all Wi-Fi security modes in-cluding Open, WEP, WPA, and WPA2-PSK
  • 32-bit processor operating up to 80MHz core frequency
  • Wake-up: Wake pin for ultra-low power operation
  • Interfaces (Some interfaces share module pins):
    • UART: 1 x 4-wire, 1 x TX only up to 4.5 Mbit/s
    • GPIO: Up to 16 GPIOs (overlaid with peripherals)
    • A/D converter: 1 x 10-bit resolution
    • PWM: Up to 4 PWM outputs
  • Device Management Service:
    • Cloud Managed Reliable Over The Air Software Updates
    • Cloud Connector to AWS, Azure, and major cloud services
    • Dashboard for device activity and software release status

Module Specifications

    Wireless Standard:
  • 802.11b/g/n 
  • Frequency Band:
  •  2.4 GHz, Channels 1-13 
  • Protocols/Profiles:
  • Security:
  • Wi-Fi – Open, WEP, WPA, WPA2-PSK Networking – TLS1.2, HTTPS
  • Data Throughput:
  •  >4 Mbit/s UART 
  • Communications Range:
  •  >1000 ft / 330 m line of sight (λ/4 antenna) 
  • Operating Voltage:
  •  3.3 V (typical)
  • Operational Temperature Range:
  • -40 to +85 °C
    Maximum RF Transmit Power:
  • 802.11b/g : +20 dBm
  • 802.11n : +16 dBm
  • Minimum Receive Sensitivity:
  • 802.11b/g : -93 dBm
  • 802.11n : -71 dBm
  • Embedded Firmware:
  • Pre-preprogrammed with ZentriOS Lite serial Wi-Fi application 
  • Wi-Fi and Memory:
  • 32-Bit 80 MHz Wi-Fi SoC
  • On-board 8 Mbit (1 MByte) QSPI-serial flash 
  • Serial Interface:
  • UART
  • Peripherals:
  • GPIO
  • ADC
  • PWM
    Current Consumption (@3.3 V, 25 ºC):
  •  Standby : 0.9 mA
  • Deep sleep / RTC : 20 / 60 μA
  • Sleep (Memory Retention) : 0.31 mA
  • Wi-Fi Powersave : 0.86 mA (DTIM = 3)
  • Active receive : 65mA
  • Active transmit : 100 mA @ +0 dBm; 200 mA @ +18 dBm
  • Size:
  • 12 mm x 11 mm x 1.8 mm
  • Weight:
  • 0.03 oz (1 g)
  • Certifications:
  • FCC
  • CE
  • IC

Getting Started with AMW007 Wi-Fi Module

AMW007-E04 Wireless Development Kit

The easiest way to begin development with AMW007 is with the AMW007-E04 Wireless Development Kit.


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Part Number Data Sheet Buy Output Power (dBm) Interfaces Antenna Certification Package Size
AMW007 +20 (max) UART, SPI, GPIO, ADC, PWM RF Pad for use wtih external antenna FCC, IC, CE Surface mount module 12 mm x 11 mm x 1.8 mm
AMW007R +20 (max)
RF Pad for use wtih external antenna
Tape and Reel 12 mm x 11 mm x 1.8 mm


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