Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth Solutions

The SiWx915 and SiWx917 feature Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth LE 5.4 along with integrated application processor. Both are Matter ready, with SiWx915 targeted for line powered or energy-efficient IoT Devices and the SiWx917 targeted for battery powered or IoT devices looking for ultra low power consumption with always on cloud connectivity.

Wi-Fi Solutions from the Global Leader in IoT

Developing for Matter over Wi-Fi?

In today’s feature packed IoT devices, wireless coexistence is necessary. It’s also exceedingly complex. Our Wi-Fi portfolio features industry leading modules and SoCs as well as software solutions, including Matter, to provide a system-level approach to application development.

Matter drives the convergence between the major IoT ecosystems to create one easy, reliable, and secure wireless protocol to connect all IoT devices and networks. Learn more about developing for Matter over Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Modules and SoCs

Silicon Labs’ Wi-Fi portfolio features Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 4 SoC solutions that support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with ultra-low power consumption for long battery life, high performance for edge computing, best-in-class security, long range and modules that are FCC, IC and ETSI/CE, MIC certified.

Wi-Fi Modules and Transceivers Select Columns
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Wi-Fi Version Frequency Bands Matter Support Application MCU Onboard IP Support Key Peripherals Flash (kB) RAM (kB)
SiWx915 Wireless SoCs New
Wi-Fi 6 plus and Bluetooth LE 5.4
6 Single Band (2.4) Yes SDIO, UART, SPI, SDIO 4096, 8192
SiWx917 Wireless SoCs New
Wi-Fi 6 plus and Bluetooth LE 5.4
6 Single Band (2.4) Yes, SDIO, UART, SPI, SDIO 4096, 8192 2046, 8192
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
4 Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) Yes UART, SPI, SDIO, USB CDC 4096
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
4 Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) Base SDIO, USB HS
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP SoCs
RS9116 Wi-Fi NCP SoCs
4 Single Band (2.4) Yes UART, SPI, SDIO, USB CDC 4096
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs
RS9116 Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs
4 Single Band (2.4) Base SDIO, USB HS
WF200 Series 2 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
WFM200 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules (Series 2)
4 Single Band (2.4) Yes SDIO/SPI
WF200 Series 2 Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs
Wi-Fi Transceiver SoCs (Series 2)
4 Single Band (2.4) Yes SDIO, SPI
WGM160 Series 1 Wi-Fi Modules
WGM160 Wi-Fi Modules (Series 1)
4 Single Band (2.4) UART, Ethernet, USB 2048 512
RS9113 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
RS9113 Wi-Fi NCP Modules
4 Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) SPI, UART, USB-CDC
RS9113 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
RS9113 Wi-Fi Transceiver Modules
4 Dual Band (2.4/5), Single Band (2.4) SPI, UART, USB-CDC

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Wi-Fi Kits & Boards
Starter Kits
Modular kits for software development and feature evaluation of IoT devices
Development Kits
Full-featured application development kits
Evaluation Kits
Product and feature evaluation kits
Demo Kits
Use case and feature-specific demos
Reference Designs
Application-specfic designs showcasing complete system solutions
Radio Boards
Wireless starter kit plug-in boards featuring specific SoC or module wireless devices
Expansion Boards
Starter kit and ecosystem accessory boards
Thunderboard Kits
Low-cost software development and prototyping kits for IoT devices
Debug and Programming Tools
Debugging and programming tools and accessories

Wi-Fi Software Development

Our Wi-Fi solutions are designed specifically for the IoT, where robust RF performance, low power consumption, easy application development and fast time-to-market are key requirements.

  Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE developers using hostless SoC mode or hosted mode with Linux or bare-metal or RTOS based host MCUs with products such as the SiWx917 ultra low power Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo solutions can find support material, drivers and software repositories.
  Wi-Fi + Bluetooth developers using Linux or bare-metal or RTOS based host MCUs with products such as the RS9116 ultra low power Wi-Fi + Bluetooth combo SoC and Modules can find support material, drivers and software repositories.
  Wi-Fi developers using Linux or RTOS-based host MCUs with products such as the WF200, WFM200S, and WGM160P can find support materials, drivers, and software repositories.
  The WGM110 Wi-Fi Software contains a complete Software Development Kit for developing Wi-Fi IoT applications. It includes all of the software tools needed to deliver your application on time. Take advantage of the free SDK, flexible and easy-to-use APIs and device firmware upgrades capabilities.
  The Bluegiga Wi-Fi Software is an embedded 802.11 MAC and IPv4 stack targeted for Bluegiga Legacy WF121 Wi-Fi module. The software implements full 802.11 functionality, WPA2, WPA, WEP, and WPS encryption protocols and various IP-based protocols, such as TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, ICMP, and HTTP. The Wi-Fi software also supports the 802.11 access point and HTTP server functionality for the easy configurations and direct connections with phones, tablets, and PCs.

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Featured Wi-Fi Applications

On top of supporting IP networks within Wi-Fi, developers can leverage Silicon Labs' broad IoT wireless expertise that spans building automation, smart home, industrial IoT, and smart markets to connect a wide range of networks and devices—regardless of the underlying network protocol.

Smart Door Locks



Clinical Medical

Fleet Management

Smart Metering

Low-Power Wi-Fi SoCs Designed Specifically for the IoT

IoT applications are often constrained by power, size, resources, and vulnerable to online and physical hacking. The challenge for IoT Wi-Fi is to deliver adequate performance while lowering power consumption, reducing MIPS requirements, and delivering high levels of security. Here you can learn more about some of the differentiating aspects of our IoT Wi-Fi solution.

Differentiated Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things

Ultra-Low Power Consumption

  • The SiWx91x Families of Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE solutions offer the lowest poweer consumption, best-in-class security Wi-Fi combo chip in the market.
  • The RS9116 offers the lowest power consumption Wi-Fi combo chip on the market and has the smallest module form-factor design of 4.6 mm x 7.9 mm.
  • Our devices offer the industry’s lowest power for always-on wireless cloud connectivity using multiple sleep modes across transmit, receive, and sleep modes.

Flawless Multiprotocol Performance from the Leader in IoT

  • Our portfolio features multiprotocol support via SiWx917, SiWx915 providing Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE and the the RS9116, which includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic, and Bluetooth LE on a single device.
  • Superior RF ensures reliable connectivity in environments with significant RF interference, maintaining high data rates with fewer retransmissions to save power and channel capacity.
  • Our third-party Wi-Fi test houses run test against hundred of different access points from all over the world to ensure interoperability, reliability, and measure power efficiency in different environments.
  • We offer full-stack security and coexistence features, future-proofing current designs, and enabling upgrades without relying on multiple vendors.

Industry-Leading Security Stand Alone SoCs or When Coupled with our Secure Host MCUs

  • Our new Wi-Fi 6 solutions offer best-in-class security via a psa-12 certifiable security engine in standalone SoC mode.
  • We offer security services for implementation of ‘Zero Trust’ security architectures to meet emerging cybersecurity standards.
  • Our devices have several advanced built in security features including secure boot, secure link, and secure debug.
  • Silicon Labs MCUs support Secure Vault, the most advanced security software suite with the highest PSA Certification Level 3.

Simplified Tools and Ease of Development

  • Simplicity Studio is the unified development environment for all Silicon Labs technologies, SoCs, and modules.
  • Users can access web and SDK resources, software and hardware configuration tools, and an IDE.
  • Provides guidance through an optimized workflow, enabling quicker project progression, device configuration, and application optimization.

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