Z-Wave 700 Development Kit


The Z-Wave 700 Wireless Starter Kit includes the Z-Wave software stack, sample code and integrated debug adapter. A single world-wide development kit for both end devices and gateways with multiple radio boards enable developers to create a mesh network and evaluate the Z-Wave 700 module. With the supporting Simplicity Studio suite of tools, developers can accelerate their wireless application development; mesh networking debug and Z-Wave protocol sniffer tools for analysis; and visual energy profiling and optimization. The Z-Wave 700 SDK is downloaded through Simplicity Studio. In Simplicity Studio, developers can access all documentation, developer guides and much more.

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Hardware and Software Features

Kit Contents

  • 2 x BRD4001A - Wireless Starter Kit Mainboard
  • 2 x BRD4202A - ZGM130S Radio Board
  • 2 x BRD8029A - Buttons and LEDs Expansion Board
  • 1 x SLUSB7000A - UZB-7 USB stick
  • 1 x UZB-S - (ACC-UZB3-S) UZB-S USB stick network sniffer
  • 2 x SMAMFL - Flexi Antenna, male with skirt
  • 2 x ENRM002 - 1m USB A <-> USB Mini B cable

Kit Features

  • Z-Wave 700 SiP module Radio Boards to start your development
  • Z-Wave Application Framework and pre-certified common end device application code
  • Expansion header allows easy expansion and direct integration with Z-Wave Application Framework
  • Z-Wave UZB-7 stick to get started with your gateway development on a Linux machine
  • Pre-built Z/IP and Z-Ware binaries allow for easy gateway development at your preferred API level

Simplicity Studio Features

  • Auto-detection for lab evaluation, software development and sample applications
  • Z-Wave Application Framework
  • Certified Application Code
  • Z-Wave Sniffer
  • Z-Wave PC Controller
  • Energy Profiler
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