Proprietary Wireless Software

Software Compatible Hardware
Flex SDK Flex Gecko The Flex SDK is a complete software development suite for proprietary wireless applications that provides two paths for development. The first path begins with Silicon Labs RAIL (Radio Abstraction Interface Layer), the second path uses Silicon Labs Connect.
RAIL (Radio Abstraction Interface Layer) Flex GeckoBlue GeckoMighty Gecko
Silicon Labs’ RAIL (Radio Abstraction Interface Layer) lets you adopt the latest RF technology without sacrificing the investment you’ve made in your wireless protocol. Designed to support proprietary or standards-based protocols, RAIL simplifies and future-proofs the migration of code to new ICs.
Connect Stack Flex GeckoBlue GeckoMighty Gecko
Silicon Labs’ Connect is a IEEE 802.15.4 based wireless networking stack for broad-based proprietary applications and is optimized for devices that require low power consumption. This full-featured, easily customizable networking stack is designed for compliance with regulatory specifications across worldwide geographic regions and supports both sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands.
Simplicity Studio Flex GeckoBlue GeckoMighty Gecko, EZR32
Simplicity Studio is designed to make the development process easier, faster and more efficient by providing designers with everything they need to complete their projects from initial concept to final product. The Simplicity Studio platform provides unified development support for Wireless Gecko SoCs and modules, complete with wireless stacks.
Wireless Development Suite (WDS) EZRadio®, EZRadioPRO®
Silicon Labs’ Wireless Development Suite (WDS) provides wireless application developers a comprehensive toolset to quickly and easily create and deploy efficient, robust and low-cost wireless applications with little or no specific RF design and measurement experience
Wireless M-Bus Software EZRadioPRO
M-Bus is a European standard for the remote reading of gas, electricity and heat meters. This software package includes a complete protocol stack that provides support for the S (868 MHz), T (868 MHz), C (868 MHz) and N (169 MHz) wireless M-Bus modes specified by EN13757.
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