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Silicon Labs has been providing commercial mesh solutions for nearly two decades, from certified wireless modules to multiprotocol SoCs and beyond. With more than 100 million mesh nodes deployed, our expertise, portfolio, and development-centric libraries and resources are unmatched in the industry.

Bluetooth SoC and Module Selector Guide

Whatever mesh application you're working on, we have the Bluetooth SoCs and modules you need. Our Selector Guides will help you select the right devices for your next project.

Six Bluetooth Mesh Feature Enhancements to Get Excited About

The new Bluetooth mesh feature enhancements offer a host of improvements. In this whitepaper, we take a look at six features developers need to know about.

Leading Security for Bluetooth Mesh

Delivering cutting-edge functionality to consumers can’t come at the cost of security. Trust Silicon Labs to safeguard your customers' privacy, with security built into all of our products.

Silicon Labs Offers a Comprehensive Portfolio of Bluetooth Mesh SoCs and Modules

Optimized for Lighting and Line Powered Devices

Our BG21 SoCs provide the power, performance, and security needed for Bluetooth mesh devices, including commercial and residential lighting.

efr32bg22 (BG22) chip

Optimized for Bluetooth Mesh Low-Power Nodes

The BG22 is the lowest-power Bluetooth LE device in our portfolio, bringing an ideal balance of features, power efficiency, and power consumption to battery-powered IoT devices.

Designed for High-Performance, Feature Rich Devices

Our BG24 family of wireless SoCs and modules feature large flash and RAM and feature rich peripherals that are ideal for all Bluetooth mesh devices. 

Ultra-Low-Power, Small Form Factor

The BG27 family of Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth mesh SoCs are available with DCDC Boost in WLCSP packaging for small form factor applications.

Compare Bluetooth Low Energy Select Columns
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Bluetooth Mesh Support Output Family Max (dBm) CPU Core GPIO Flash (kB) RAM (kB) Secure Vault™ Security
EFR32BG27 Series 2 SoCs
EFR32BG27 Series 2 SoCs
5.4 8 ARM Cortex-M33 18, 19, 25, 26 768 64 Mid AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2
EFR32BG24 Series 2 Modules
EFR32BG24 Series 2 Modules
5.4 10, 19.6 ARM Cortex-M33 26, 32 1536 256 High, Mid AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2
EFR32BG22 Series 2 SoCs
Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG22 SoCs (Series 2)
5.4 6 ARM Cortex-M33 18, 26 352, 512 32 AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2
EFR32BG22 Series 2 Modules
EFR32BG22 Based Modules (Series 2)
5.4 8 ARM Cortex-M33 24, 25 352, 512 32 AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2
EFR32BG21 Series 2 SoCs New
Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG21 SoCs (Series 2)
5.4 20 ARM Cortex-M33 17, 20 512, 768, 1024 64, 96 Base, Yes AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2
EFR32BG21 Series 2 Modules
Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG21 Based Modules (Series 2)
5.4 20 ARM Cortex-M33 20 1024 96 Base, Yes
EFR32BG13 Series 1 SoCs
Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG13 SoCs (Series 1)
5.2 20 ARM Cortex-M4 16, 31 512 64 Base AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2
EFR32BG13 Series 1 Modules
Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG13 Based Modules (Series 1)
5.2 19 ARM Cortex-M4 25, 32 512 64
EFR32BG12 Series 1 SoCs
Bluetooth Low Energy EFR32BG12 SoCs (Series 1)
5.2 20 ARM Cortex-M4 28, 31, 46, 65 512, 1024 64, 128, 256 Base AES-128 AES-256 ECC SHA-1 SHA-2

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Why Silicon Labs Bluetooth Mesh SoCs and Modules Are Ideal

Ultra-compact footprint, low-power consumption, long-range, or ultimate RF sensitivity – Silicon Labs has the optimal solution for every application. All of our Bluetooth modules and SoCs provide the same developer experience, so you can future-proof mesh network designs and evolve your applications across your product portfolio.  

Ultra-Low Power Design  Pre-Certified Modules Signature RF Performance
Our ultra-low-power Bluetooth chip design enables an operational lifetime of up to 10 years with a coin cell battery. Reduce development time and costs dramatically with our pre-certified Bluetooth modules, featuring state-of-the-art internal antenna designs and RF certifications worldwide. Our Bluetooth SoCs and modules have built a reputation for superior RF performance, providing the highest reliability and robustness available in the market.
Robust Hardware Security Supporting the Latest Bluetooth Version Minimize Your Total Cost of Product Development
Our SoCs and modules are secured up to the Root of Trust level and are protected by SecureVault, an industry-leading suite of state-of-the-art protection.  Silicon Labs hardware supports the latest Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth mesh protocol versions with backward compatibility.  Launch your product quickly with any of our pre-certified Bluetooth modules. Our feature rich development hardware and easy to use Simplicity Studio provide a simple, yet powerful development platform that is common across our SoCs and modules, reducing development time and cost.

Bluetooth Mesh Development Kits

Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth mesh development kits are divided into three categories based on your development need, with kits for experimenting, prototyping, or developing your production product. And the Bluetooth mesh mobile app helps you to develop and test smooth smartphone connectivity and Over-the-Air (OTA) update capability for your applications. It works with all Silicon Labs Bluetooth mesh development kits and you can download it for iOS and Android.

Our kits, together with Simplicity Studio, provide a unified development environment that includes the SDK and industry-leading development tools. The kits are supported by GCC and IAR C-language compilers.

Explorer Kit

For experimenting, our entry-level kit gives you five powerful development features, including an onboard debugger, traffic analyzer, virtual COM port, mobile tester app, and connectors for MikroE and Qwiic peripheral boards.

Dev Kit

For prototyping or field trials, this kit supports a coin cell and a connector for batteries or power supplies. The Arm Cortex-M series-based kits provide 2.4 GHz antenna, board controller, J-Link debugger, packet tracing, and virtual COM. 

Pro Kit

You may need additional features such as an energy profiler or network analyzer to optimize your code and RF design. Additional features include an LCD display, Ethernet port, 8-channel logic, and a standardized interface for all Silicon Labs radio board products. 

Browse Bluetooth Low Energy Kits & Boards

Pro Kits (3) Modular kits for software development and feature evaluation of IoT devices
xG24-PK6009A EFR32xG24 Pro Kit +10 dBm MSRP $179.00
xG24-PK6010A EFR32xG24 Pro Kit +20 dBm MSRP $179.00
xG27-PK6017A EFR32xG27 Pro Kit +8 dBm MSRP $188.00
xG27-PK6018A EFR32xG27 Pro Kit +4 dBm (Buck) MSRP $174.00
xG27-PK6019A EFR32xG27 Pro Kit +4 dBm (Boost) MSRP $176.00
Explorer Kits (2) Low cost exploratory kits - to get you started
BG22-EK4108A BG22 Bluetooth SoC Explorer Kit MSRP $16.00
BGM220-EK4314A BGM220 Bluetooth Module Explorer Kit MSRP $9.99
xG24-EK2703A EFR32xG24 Explorer Kit MSRP $39.00
Starter Kits (6) Modular kits for software development and feature evaluation of IoT devices
SLWSTK6006A EFR32xG21 Wireless Gecko Starter Kit MSRP $533.00
SLWSTK6020B EFR32BG Bluetooth SoC Starter Kit MSRP $191.00
SLWSTK6021A EFR32xG22 Wireless Gecko Starter Kit MSRP $193.00
SLWSTK6023A EFR32xG21 Bluetooth Starter Kit MSRP $164.00
SLWSTK6102A xGM210P Wireless Module Starter Kit MSRP $353.00
SLWSTK6103A BGM220 Bluetooth Module Wireless Starter Kit MSRP $186.00
Development Kits (3) Full-featured application development kits
xG24-DK2601B EFR32xG24 Development Kit MSRP $79.00
xG27-DK2602A EFR32xG27 Development Kit MSRP $75.00
Radio Boards (20) Wireless starter kit plug-in boards featuring specific SoC or module wireless devices
SLWRB4100A EFR32BG1 Bluetooth +10.5 dBm Radio Board MSRP $29.00
SLWRB4180B EFR32xG21A Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +20 dBm Radio Board MSRP $49.00
SLWRB4181B EFR32xG21A Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +10 dBm Radio Board MSRP $49.00
SLWRB4181C EFR32xG21B Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +10 dBm Radio Board with Secure Vault MSRP $49.00
SLWRB4182A EFR32xG22 Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +6 dBm 5x5, QFN40 Radio Board MSRP $29.00
SLWRB4183A EFR32xG22 Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +6 dBm, 4x4 QFN32 Radio Board MSRP $29.00
SLWRB4308C xGM210PB Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +20 dBm Radio Board with Secure Vault MSRP $49.00
SLWRB4308D xGM210PB Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +10 dBm Radio Board with Secure Vault MSRP $49.00
SLWRB4309B xGM210L Wireless Gecko 2.4 GHz +12.5 dBm Radio Board MSRP $49.00
SLWRB4310A BGM220SC12 Bluetooth SiP Module 2.4 GHz +0 Output Power Radio Board MSRP $29.00
SLWRB4311A BGM220PC22 Bluetooth PCB Module 2.4 GHz +8 Output Power Radio Board MSRP $29.00
SLWRB4312A BGM220SC22 Bluetooth SiP Module 2.4 GHz +6 Output Power Radio Board MSRP $29.00
xG24-RB4186C EFR32xG24 Wireless 2.4 GHz +10 dBm Radio Board MSRP $39.00
xG24-RB4187C EFR32xG24 Wireless 2.4 GHz +20 dBm Radio Board MSRP $39.00
xG24-RB4188A EFR32xG24 Wireless 2.4 GHz +20 dBm Antenna Diversity Radio Board MSRP $49.00
xG27-RB4194A EFR32xG27 Wireless 2.4 GHz +8 dBm Radio Board MSRP $11.00
xG27-RB4111B EFR32xG27 Wireless 2.4 GHz +4 dBm Radio Board (Boost) MSRP $35.00
xG27-RB4110B EFR32xG27 Wireless 2.4 GHz +4 dBm Radio Board (Buck) MSRP $35.00
XGM240-RB4316A xGM240P +10 dBm Module Radio Board MSRP $49.00
XGM240-RB4317A xGM240P +20 dBm Module Radio Board MSRP $49.00
Thunderboard Kits (2) Low-cost software development and prototyping kits for IoT devices
SLTB010A EFR32BG22 Thunderboard Kit MSRP $45.00

Bluetooth Mesh Software Development Kit

With Silicon Labs Bluetooth Mesh SDK, you can build reliable and secure wireless mesh applications for industrial and commercial IoT segments. The Mesh SDK has your entire product life-cycle covered, from development to over-the-air maintenance. Our simplified Mesh stack always supports the latest protocol version, cutting-edge features, and robust security. It works with C-based GCC or IAR compilers and Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio, an intuitive development environment and the most valuable dev toolbox free-of-charge.

Bluetooth Mesh SDK

The Bluetooth Mesh Software Development Kit is part of the Silicon Labs GSDK. It consists of an extensive library of example projects, peripheral drivers, the Bluetooth Mesh protocol stack, and the API.

Hardware-Agnostic Stack

With Silicon Labs, you have just one proven, hardware-agnostic software stack and API for Bluetooth Mesh. This approach speeds up development and radically simplifies SW and HW migration to your new Bluetooth Mesh products – it results in more robust software and reduces development and maintenance costs.

The Latest Bluetooth Mesh Specification

With Silicon Labs Bluetooth Mesh stack, you can keep your products ahead of the competition! Our stack evolves in the frontline of the industry to support the latest specifications and deliver all the essential features among the first in the world.

Bluetooth Mesh Software Features and Benefits

  Supplied as part of the GSDK the Bluetooth Mesh SDK provides developers with a single Mesh protocol stack, API, example projects, and peripheral drivers.

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Mobile App Development

Featured Bluetooth Mesh Applications

Mesh networking is a new topology available for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) devices that enables many-to-many (m:m) communications. It's optimized for creating large-scale node networks and is ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks, and asset tracking solutions.

Home/Building Automation


Commercial Lighting

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth mesh enables Bluetooth devices to be used as a true mesh networking topology. It allows moving away from the typical personal area network which Bluetooth is known for, and extending both the range and number of devices a Bluetooth network can have. A smart home is a great example and use case for Bluetooth mesh as it can easily have 30-50 devices that are not necessarily in the direct range of each other. With Bluetooth mesh, you can connect all these devices into a single Bluetooth network that covers the entire home. Bluetooth mesh nodes can still support the existing Bluetooth LE topologies and use cases like point-to-point connectivity and Bluetooth beaconing. This allows smart phones to be connected to the Bluetooth mesh networks to control and monitor the Bluetooth mesh nodes as well other use cases such as indoor positioning and asset tracking. 

Key Features of Bluetooth mesh

Feature   Benefit
Mesh Node types   All the node types specified for Bluetooth mesh are supported on Silicon Labs stack: Relay, Proxy, Friend, and Low Power Node (LPN).
Provisioning Protocols   For new nodes on mesh network, the provisioner and provisioned node can communicate over either PB-ADV or PB-GATT bearers, ensuring compatibility for smartphones with Bluetooth LE and GATT support.
GATT Services   Both GATT services are supported in Silicon Labs Bluetooth mesh – Proxy and Provisioning.
Wi-Fi Coexistence   Allows the Bluetooth mesh device to coordinate transmitting and receiving with the collocated Wi-Fi device with reduced interference, and increased reliability.
Certificate Based Provisioning (CBP)   Use certificates to authenticate devices before provisioning, thus saving cost and time. Also, prevents counterfeit devices from being provisioned into the network.
Remote Provisioning (RPR)   Easy way to provision even when the nodes are not in direct radio range of the provisioner, thereby reducing installation cost and time.
Private Beacons   Does not allow for static information in beacons to be shared outside of the network.
Proprietary Extension   Allows extended advertising on all 40 channels - increasing throughput by 10x.
Simultaneous DFU Upgrade   Standardize way to do simultaneous DFU for homogeneous devices, reducing cost and time.

Featured Bluetooth Mesh Resources

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