Bluetooth Xpress BGX13S Bluetooth® Module - SiP

The world's smallest zero-programming Bluetooth 5 solution

The Silicon Labs' Bluetooth Xpress Bluetooth 5 System in Package module delivers a solution requiring no wireless firmware development for applications where ultra-small size is a key requirement. By combining an on-board Bluetooth stack, Xpress command interface, cable replacement firmware pre-programmed, BGX13S delivers a serial-to-Bluetooth 5 solution in a package only 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.4 mm in size.  Communicate wirelessly with smart phones and other Bluetooth Xpress devices.  With its integrated antenna, RF certifications, built-in cloud connectivity for secure updates through the Xpress framework for iOS and Android development, BGX13S addresses every challenge point in Bluetooth development, from device to cloud.

Module Benefits

  • Pre-programmed cable replacement firmware running Gecko OS
  • Xpress command API for data streaming and command modes
  • Silicon Labs Bluetooth 5.0 protocol stack built-in
  • Built on Silicon Labs Blue Gecko pre-certified modules

Module Specifications

  • Bluetooth 5 radio with +8 programmable output power
  • 1M, 2M, and Coded* PHY
  • Achieves 200 m line-of-sight range

* Available with firmware update. See details.

  • 8 additional pins configurable as GPIO or special function I/O
  • Operates in peripheral role using Xpress streaming service for smart phone communication
  • Functions as central to enable communication with other Bluetooth Xpress modules
  • Dimensions: 6.5 mm x 6.5 mm x 1.4 mm

BGX13S Modules

Part Number Buy Data Sheet Antenna Package BLE Bluetooth 5 Bluetooth Mesh Dimensions (mm) TX Power RX Sensitivity
BGX13S22GA-V1 cart icon PDF icon Internal
Tray Yes
6.5 × 6.5 x 1.4 +8 dBm TX
-94.8 dBm
BGX13S22GA-V1R cart icon PDF icon Internal Reel Yes
6.5 × 6.5 x 1.4 +8 dBm TX -94.8 dBm


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